Cynthia rauch
Monday, September 04, 2017
Cynthia rauch

 Of all the portraits I enjoy taking (nature, architecture etc.), it's the family memories made together that will last forever.  Hope you're making great memories together this Labor Day weekend! 

Self portrait
Friday, September 01, 2017
Cynthia rauch

Had a fun day in the studio with my friend Diana Dyer.  We had fun playing with new photography equipment.  Thanks for the portrait Diana and a fun day!   

The last car has been photographed!
Saturday, July 29, 2017
Cynthia rauch

Friday night was the last car to be photographed for the Ivy Tech Car Show Calendar.   The owners and myself have done our job.   Next will be the committee that is working on the calendar at Ivy Tech.   Then it will be up to you to help us get the word out and purchase calendars for you, your family and to help raise money for continued educational scholarships!   Yea!  Thank you to all the car owners that donated their time!   

Chris Krull Great Stormy Weather
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Cynthia rauch

Stormy Weather Had to out run and dance around some storms for Chris Krull's photo session with his car.  We pulled it off and found some humor along the way!   

Friday, July 21, 2017
Cynthia rauch

Sweet corn!        So last night I knocked on a door and asked the person living there if we couldphotograph a car by their barn.  Nathan answered and he was a kid that grew up a year after my son.      I had not seen him since who knows when.  What a great way to reconnect with people, knocking on doors!  Before I left he offered me some fresh sweet corn.       I use to swing by when he was just a half pint and his mom would offer me sweet corn.  My kids actually picked corn for the first time at Jill Pentecost's home!That's where my kids learned to pick corn! Fun stuff!