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I met Jim, 2006 in a photography class, in Muncie, IN.  Our friendship grew quickly.  Two years after our friendship I learned Jim had been on American Band Stand.  

"Rick Lundy" then was the drummer known as "Sticks" for well known Bluegrass singer, "Rusty York"

Rusty's #77 hit "Sugaree" in 1959 becomes the band "Cajuns" American Band Stand ticket.  

My big moment was knowing "Rick" now Jim, as the person he was when I met him.  

No fame, just a strong Christian, family man, and a man with many hats, some days literally.  He had many careers in his life, from his first full time job "Becoming an Eagle Scout" so 20 years later, he spent 14 of those years, as a Scout Master.  He served and was a vet of the US Air Force, worked as a social worker, missions, ministries, and more. This part of his life to those that did not knowJim is a Bio.  For those of us that knew Jim, he was a man living life giving to his family and friend.  

Jim gave of himself to anyone he met if he was able.  

Jim is my shinning star.  A friend that grew my passion for my "Bucket List Photography."  Jim had dedicated 2 years to his new dream when he passed away at 72. Every stage of life was something to be celebrated and Jim never lost sight of what his newest dream was going to be and how he was going to live it out.  Jim left me with 3 assignments before he died, to use all of his camera and studio equipment to keep his dream alive, to follow my dreams, and help encourage others to do the same.  

(Please Read On) It was an honor to be with Jim 3 days before he passed away. Home cooked meals, and fellowship with a very sick man.  We laughed, (which was pretty good for someone with lung cancer) we talked about photography and life and hugged.  

After Jim left us, I felt blessed to give Judy, his wife a wonderful selection of "JIM" photo memories from our Photography Club Days.  We kept the smiles alive.  Thank you Jim, for showing us how to live dreams our whole life long.  

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