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Nurse Photographer Cynthia Rauch Hospice Care



A personal letter to friends and families that are facing early good-byes with with someone you dearly love.

I’ve been blessed with two career paths in my lifetime, a nurse first then a photographer.  I enjoy sharing my skills with you, when facing end of life experiences.

As a nurse photographer, I'm available to help you capture memories as you face these early goodbyes. I'm comfortable with the death and dying experience, hospice and sensitive care we all face. I travel with families, share my portrait studio or visit homes while offering respectful support. I'm happy I can offer you photographs of your tender memory making moments.  

  I feel connected to families as a nurse, wife, daughter, mother and friend. As a photographer for your family, I recognize these last days are a blend of laughter, joy, and tears as you share together your past, embrace the present, while you create these last memory making moments together. 

  Through the years I've been able to offer my nursing skills and emotional support to family and friends.  My emotional journey through those grieving feelings seems to soften, knowing I was there.  These memories bless me still today. I'm proud to have been able to make a difference during in their last days and blessed to carry those memories into my future.  

  Each of us face unique emotional needs during this time of acceptance and grieving.  I encourage an emotional connection for each individual that is sometimes hard to find by ourselves. 

  I would be very proud and honored to serve your family as a photographer.  You can count on me to use my skills, in a way that’s fitting for each individual, while knowing my training and life experiences will help you remember these days in a positive way.  

   I feel called to offer this service.  Through the years, I’ve been asked to be there for my family and friends in this capacity.  I wanted to offer this through my business and struggled. How could I incorporate this in my business?  One day, a business friend asked me, “When you’re sick, why do you go to the doctor?”  Of course, I said, “I want the service and help to get better.”  He said, “So you get to choose how to use your assets, and pay for the things you want in life, even health care, vacations, leaving an inheritance or or or or ....”  His words trailed off as I heard his heartfelt support and desire to see this idea grow.  I understood and felt relieved for his advice brought me the peace, I needed, in offering this service through my business.  Now, I can with peace, in my heart, continue to be there for families that have this type of need.  

If I can bless your family in any way, know that Cynthia Rauch at Sonset Photography & Imagery takes pride in offering something unique to your family and it’s my passion. 

Be blessed, 



“You are the reason I enjoy being an artistic photographer”

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