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(Please scroll as needed)  Our senior rep program has started.  I'm looking for seniors that are interested in increasing their packages, and reducing their cost. Seniors pass out rep cards, and encourage their friends to sign up for the early discounts offered.  

There is a senior sports rep program, and a traditional rep program.  Students cannot combine the sports senior Rep Program, with the traditional Program.  Either package will help you reach your goal of keeping your investment monies realistic.  

You're probably wondering what makes Sonset Photography & Imagery different, you do!  I encourage you to find out why.  I can share that you and your family help create my vision for your photos. Time spent with you gives me the chance to get to know you.  You inspire me to think outside the box. 

Please contact me by e mailing me at or call 765-977-3245.  Our web site is new and we have not connected with my new web page yet.  Thank you.   

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