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How should I plan for my investment? 
This is up to you.  Look for a photographer that will explore your budget.  It’s their job to help you make clear decisions.  You want to feel good about your investment.  Ask yourself, “what are my needs?  You are hiring a photographer that will create art and capture memories?  Passionate photographers desire to capture moments and memories that last a life time. Don’t short change yourself by hiring someone you are not sure about.  

Do credentials matter? 
    * Yes, they do.  Talk to other people that have used the photographer.  Do they have references.  Your investment should be supported with credentials, product and a positive history of service. 
Taking time for an in house consultation allows you to clearly connect with the photographer you are hiring.  

    * I personally attend professional conferences, yearly continued education and belong to many professional organizations that will enhance your experience. 
I feel continued education and professional organizations show growth and dedication.  You deserve this type of quality thinking and growth.

How do I narrow down my needs for a photographer?  
    * A professional will take the time to help you clearly map out your wants and needs.  Together you will create a memory as well as art.  Remember, the time you spend being photographed is a celebration of you, family and friends.  You're making memories. Your photographer should understand this and listen to you as a client. A professional photographer will understand the value of your i

How do I know what I am getting for my money? 


    * It’s ok to hire a generalist or hobbits over a specialist.  Make sure the skill of the photographer you hire fits your investment and will leave you joyful when you leave the studio.  Your experience, products and quality will usually match your investment. Asking clear questions helps you find the experienced photographer for your special needs. (scroll to continue)
How do I know I can relax and trust them? 


    * Look for a photographer that is prepared.  Preplanning is a key to successful photographer.  Does your photographer plan for outdoor lighting, time of day, babies sleep schedule, physical limitations and any other opportunities you might face? Ask the photographer how they handle these special needs.  This shows preparedness and forethought and understanding.  Are you questions answered with clarity? Is the environment clean and friendly? 

Does the photographer have the right equipment? 


    * Is there a back up plan with the right equipment?  Are they in business by themselves?  Do they have a back up photographer incase they have a personal emergency?  Personal emergencies happen.  Who is the back up photographer?  Will you get comparable service and care?  


General questions include:


    * How prepared is your photographer? Do they have back up equipment? Do they work with other photographers.  Are they an added cost? Does your photographer insure their work?  Is there a return policy?  What if I want to place reorders in the future?  Is there a deposit required? How do we handle rescheduling?  When can I call to cancel or reschedule?  All questions are important.  It's your investment.  Ask and feel prepared.  This affords you a peaceful experience.  Does the photography provide references?  How much time will the photographer spend on my images?  What is the turn around time?  How is payment accepted?


At Sonset Photography & Imagery our goal is answer all questions and enjoy our time together 


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