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First career: Collage graduate and a Registered Nurse

First professional camera: A nikon from my loving husband.

First commercial job:  The Cancer Center at Reid Health in Richmond Indiana. Cancer patients receive medical care in this center.  The gallery is full of life experiences of families, friends, scenery and memory making moments. 

First professional portrait: I earned $50

First love of my life: My relationship with Jesus

My second love of my life: Scott Rauch married for 34 years

My favorite:

Food: Bananas

Music: Christian, contemporary, country.  NO heavy metal or rap.  I can't understand a thing they say. 

Hobbies: Piano travel, 2 cats, working in the yard and crafts, hiking and crafts.

TV shows: Shark Tank, Big Bang, Friends or anything Hallmark

Movies: Apollo 13, The Lion King and musicals 

My suggestion of places to travel: St John, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Holden Beach and Yosemite State Park & St John, VI

My passion:  Spending time with people.  I love meeting interesting people, making memories and getting to know them. I call them blessings!

What makes me unique? I can cry so easily, happy or sad.

How I came up with my business name? Sonset is not misspelled.  My life and personal journey is rooted in that spelling.  My studio colors are sunset colors. Sunsets invite people to enjoy warm and soothing colors. 

Why did I add Imagery to the business name?  I was being contacted to fix wedding images that were not professionally taken. Please hire a professional for your very important occasions.  

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Why does that matter?  

Because of these organizations you have insurance.  

I have coverage if something should happen to the card with your pictures.  

I have resources of professional photographers that adds to your portrait experience 

I can always guarantee a photographer in the case of an emergency. 

All that sounds pretty good to me



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