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September 20, 2017

I'm a registered nurse, wife, mom, grandmother, daughter etc and today a professional photographer.  Who I am and my two passions came crashing together in the most unique way about 3 months before Hurricane Irma.  

I started cleaning out my closets 3 months ago and saw all these backpacks I use as a photographer, sports, travel etc and I thought, "I need to clean these out."  I never finished. Then Irma hit. I shared with my husband I'm praying for somethings.  Get ready for when God opens this door it's going to get busy.

When I learned that the hospitals on the islands of St. Johns and St. Thomas were unusable I thought, these people need their medicines.  My nursing skills are useless here so what can I do? Then I came across those backpacks. "Backpacks" I thought are a small solution to a big problem.  People don't have homes and medical care is fragmented. Totes and Backpacks could help in so many ways.  Thus this blog.  


Recently people left St. John's and took refuge of Puerto Rico. They the experienced hurricane Marie a CAT 5.  The only thing they have on their backs is what was on their backs.  So today, we're going to blog about these backpacks, you, the community, resources and more that we all have in us to help.  Think backpacks and toes.  Leave them empty is my theme.  You send them.  They'll fill them.




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