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Richmond Indiana we need your help.


Together, Sonset Photography & Imagery Portrait Studio and Warm Glow Candle Company are collecting backpacks for hurricane victims.  Our efforts will start with 2 islands St. Johns and St Thomas.  They along with St Croix are districts of the United States Virgin Islands.


St Thomas provides education, medical and airport passage to the island of St. John.  Currently critically ill patients from the St Thomas Hospital have are being evacuated from the St. Thomas hospital to St. Croix 40 miles away.  


Many people have no homes and a backpack would help them.  For those that need to have medicine on them, water bottles and non perishables, backpacks are great way for them to stay connected to these items that are important for the daily health and nutritional needs.  


Officials are working to clear runways but in the mean time items will have to be sent to St. Croix.  I read three U.S. Navy vessels - the USS Wasp, USS Kearsarge and USS Oak Hill have been sent to help with relief efforts.  


We recently learned that Kenny Chesney had his home on the island of St. John and it was devastated by the hurricane.  He opened his home up to families and kept them safe.  Currently he is filling his jet with water and dog food to be sent to the island.  We’d like to help the families on the islands have backpacks to carry their water and more. 


These islands have a small infrastructure.  Tourism helps fuel these islands and with all the devastation it will be a long recovery. 


Trucks can’t just roll in so help will be slow and methodical.  Warm Glow Candle Company will be helping us warehouse and deliver the backpacks.  It appears the bags will have to be sent to St. Croix first.  



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